Tropical Storm Ana; Typhoon Noul

Tropical Storm Ana looks to strike the SC/NC border as a strong tropical storm.  Impact estimates are in the $3 Million range:

Of more concern is Typhoon Noul, which looks to brush the Philippines before impacting the southern Japanese islands.  And just behind it is Depression number seven, which looks to strengthen into a Typhoon over the next few days:
Noul is projected to have impacts over $800 Million if it follows the current track.  A wobble to the left could easily double that value, while a wobble to the right could cut it by a factor of 5 or more.

Hawaii, Bermuda in the path of hurricanes

Hurricane Gonzalo continues to intensify in the Atlantic, and is still forecast to track very close to Bermuda as a category three hurricane:
f this forecast holds up, it could cause as much damage as Fabian in 2003.

In the Pacific, Hawai’i is in the forecast track for Tropical Storm Ana.  Ana should become a hurricane today, and on the current forecast from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center (run through my Taru model) it looks like this:

This track could easily cause several hundred million in damage.

Hurricane Watch

Vongfong is moving offshore from Japan, continuing to decay.  It caused some damage, a few fatalities.   India continues to assess the damage and start the recovery process from Hudhud.  My Istanu damage estimated impacts of over $5 Billion USD from the storm.

Meanwhile, in the Atlantic, Hurricane Gonzalo passed over the leeward islands as a tropical storm, causing some damage to Antigua, knocking out power and damaging roofs.    The current forecast is scary for Bermuda, with a direct hit in about three days as a Category 3 hurricane:


Super Typhoon Rammasun landfall at Hainan; $10 Billion impacts on China possible

Super Typhoon Rammasun is making landfall on the Leizhou Peninsula this morning US time, south of Zhanjiang, China, as a powerful 125 knot storm.  Northern Hainan island and the city of Haikou could experience severe damage.  Economic impacts, based on the JTWC forecast track and intensity, are on the order of $10 Billion USD.