Relatively quiet

On the major natural disaster front, although lots of smaller scale stuff going on.  Hurricane Norbert is brushing the coast of Mexico, and its remnants may cause some flooding and problems later in the week.  Couple of invest areas in the west Pacific, one in the Atlantic, a few small earthquakes here and there.  I’m taking the opportunity to do some software upgrades and tests, which means something big is likely to happen any second now . . . you can keep up with the real time feed here.

Real Time Doomwatch


Just a reminder, our automated real time hazards tracking system is online at, currently monitoring tropical cyclones (hurricanes), earthquakes, and volcanoes, as well as monitoring soil moisture conditions in key agricultural areas around the world.   Currently we are tracking one tropical cyclone.  There have been 14 earthquakes above magnitude 5, and 6 active volcano eruptions in the last five days.