Fay Update (AL062020, Friday Morning 10 July)

Tropical Storm Fay is now off the DelMarVa Penensula as a low-end tropical storm.  It is not terribly organized, mostly a comma shaped band of rain with some gusty winds.  Here’s the satellite view  as of 7:20am … Infrared on the left, visual on the right, as always click on any image to expand.  Notice the lack of deep reds on the IR image, indicating a lack of deep convection.

The radar view confirms the picture …

Finally, here’s the damage swath. Landfall is expected tonight, but given shape of the storm that’s just a technicality.   Note the worst stays offshore; while there will be some rain and gusty winds, it is unlikely that Fay will cause much disruption aside from some scattered power outages, isolated flooding in areas that are vulnerable to flooding from a couple inches of rain, and maybe some damage from downed trees.  Given the density of infrastructure and people, economic impacts will likely be in the high tens of millions to perhaps just over $100 Million, which isn’t much for the US.


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