Possible storm forming on/near SC Coast

The system that meandered up from the Gulf of Mexico over Georgia the last couple of days (ID AL982020)  is now centered on the SC coast, although most of the convection is now well offshore.  NHC now gives it a 70% chance of becoming a depression and maybe even a tropical storm, and has even started a “Key Messages” product on it (link).  Here’s the current (2pm) Satellite view … InfraRed on the left, visual on the right, click to embiggen:

As you can see, not terribly organized. Here’s the obligatory scary 850mb wind and pressure height animation if you need a fix … click to animate.

It is forecast to hug the coast and go inland around the New York City/Long Island area, bringing gusty winds up the mid Atlantic and Northeast Coasts. Biggest problem is likely to be rain, but even that should stay mostly offshore:

Otherwise shouldn’t cause a lot of damage or disruption, so I’m afraid you’ll have to continue to worry about COVID19 and politics.

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