UNNAMED! Winter storm impacting US (Now with ranty goodness!)

There is a big winter storm located in the midwest that will be sweeping through the North East this weekend.  It’s a typical winter storm, inconvenient as always but not unusual or dangerous.  Here’s the situation map as of Saturday at 9am: the background is the MRMS Surface Precipitation Type – red for thunderstorms, dark blue for rain, cyan for mixed (which can be hazardous with ice accumulations), and white for snow.  As always, click to embiggen …

I also need to rant, as I do every year, that WINTER STORMS DO NOT HAVE OFFICIAL NAMES!  There is a certain “weather channel”, who shall go unnamed as well, which started to give winter storms names as a marketing ploy to engage (eg scare) people and try to keep the hurricane hype going into the off season.  A note to journalists: The AP Stylebook guidelines say don’t do it.:

  Major storm names provided by government weather agencies, the European Union or the World Meteorological Organization are acceptable. Do not use names created by private weather agencies or other organizations.

It’s a gimmick. Research shows it doesn’t help preparedness (and may actually harm it). Please don’t contribute to hyping normal weather; save it for the truly dangerous stuff.

2 thoughts on “UNNAMED! Winter storm impacting US (Now with ranty goodness!)

  1. The property insurance companies are in favor of named storms (and may have insisted on using more “name” labels) because the deductible goes way up if the damage was from a named storm.

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