TTITG to become Storm?

It’s starting to look like NHC will begin advisories on The Thing In The Gulf (TTITG, known officially as AL97 at the moment) at 11am, as tropical depression 17 (AL172019).  If it gets a name it will be Olga.  Here’s the current (9:40am Friday) satellite view,  Infrared on the left, visual (sun is just coming up so a bit dark) on the right.  On the IR note the dark red/black, indicating cold cloud tops, stronger and better organized than yesterday …

As usual, click to embiggen.  For more on Satellite IR, try this brief lesson.

Chances are the front sweeping down through the middle of the country will absorb it, and it won’t last long, but the moisture will be drawn up across Louisiana, Mississippi, and East Mississippi/Sharpiebama this weekend.  The latest QPF shows a peak of 5″ of total rain up near the Mississippi/Arkansas border.

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