The Thing In The Gulf Redux

There is a system lurking in the Bay of Campeche that has some potential to very briefly become a tropical system just before it merges with a cold front pushing across the US.  Here is the view from space, both IR (left) and Visual (right) … click to embiggen.

You can see TTITG as the blob of red in the lower left off of Mexico.  The red (and small blocks of black) indicate cold cloud tops, which are signs of convective (thunderstorm) activity.  Compare that with the cold front across the middle of the US.  More than likely this thing will just go away overnight, but NHC gives it a 60% chance of becoming a storm.  Either way, the moisture will give a boost to the front while heading across the Gulf to Louisiana or possibly that controversial state between Mississippi and Florida that cannot be named without starting a debate.  So expect a bunch of rain across the SE again this weekend (although maybe not so much for Coastal GA/Lowcountry SC).  If you just have to have a spaghetti map, here it is … but it’s hard to take any of these very seriously given the situation (except maybe the blue GFS line).

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