Lorenzo still on track for Éirinn! (Sunday morning 29 Sept update)

No matter how you say it, tropical systems do impact Europe, and it’s not as unusual as you might think.  Lorenzo (AL132019) is a bit weaker, and looks to be essentially an extratropical storm by the time it gets to the Ould Sod.   Here is this morning’s visual satellite view from GOES 16.  Still a pretty storm …

Here is the forecast swath map using my Stribog model (based as usual on the official NHC forecast):

On this track the storm will pass close to the Azores Tue/Wed, so folks there should prepare for tropical storm force winds.  Although still a bit far out to forecast, Ireland might see tropical storm conditions.  As for the (not so) United Kingdom, the extended forecast is for wind, rain, and general misery.  Just like every other day 😛 !  But seriously worth keeping an eye on later in the week.

There is also a tropical storm in near the coast of Mexico (Narda) that is dropping a lot of rain (maybe up to 15″) there, potentially causing landslides and flash floods.  In the West Pacific may become a hurricane later today, likely to brush China, then hit the other China, before making landfall in South Korea.

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