Hurricane to hit … Ireland? (Lorenzo, AL132019)

Well, maybe.  It certainly seems to be headed towards the Suðreyjar (Southern Islands, as my Norse ancestors called them), although technically it won’t be a hurricane by then, “just” an extratropical system with hurricane force winds.  Here’s the Stribog model impact estimate, based on the official NHC forecast track:

And here’s the latest GOES East satellite image as the sun sets, the prominent eye visible having just gone through a replacement cycle.  Currently Lorenzo is a mature hurricane, flirting with category 3.  It will decay a lot as it move north, but as the structure and wind field changes it will likely still be a powerful storm if it does reach the British Isles …

2 thoughts on “Hurricane to hit … Ireland? (Lorenzo, AL132019)

    • Somewhat unusual for a former hurricane, not atypical in terms of impact from severe winter storms they get every few years, other than will likely have more rain (being formerly tropical).

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