Squashed Spider: Tropical Storm Karen (AL122019)

Tropical Storm Karen, while weak from a wind standpoint and technically well past the island, continued to dump rain on Puerto Rico into this morning, although it looks like things are clearing out, with the risk of mud slides.  Here is what it looks like as of noon Wednesday:

The mature storm out over the Atlantic is Lorenzo, which seems to be headed out to sea and nothing to worry about for a while.  And that little swirl at the top of the frame is what’s left of Jerry.

Karen is pretty disorganized, and NHC is having trouble finding the center.  The track models are showing the classic “smashed spider” pattern, with tracks going off in lots of different directions.  The turn to the west may look scary, but it’s not likely the storm will develop much, although the NHC is showing gradual strengthening.  Either way, it’s a “watch to see what it does” thing rather than a ZOMG! moment. Here’s the tracks …

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