Tropical Cyclone Watch, Tuesday 17 Sep 2019

Although there are only two active storms this morning, one in the Atlantic and one in the East Pacific, there are a lot of disturbances with the potential to spin up in the next day or so. In the Atlantic, Humberto is generating some wave at rip currents along the US Southeastern coast, and may impact Bermuda later this week.  The rest of the Northeast US and Canadian Maritime Provinces will see waves from Humberto this week as well.

The disturbance about halfway between Africa and the Windward Islands is on the verge of becoming a tropical depression.  There is a system lingering on the Texas coast but the NHC only gives it a 30% chance of becoming tropical enough to call it a depression before it moves inland.

Hurricane Kiko is in that vast expanse of ocean between Mexico and Hawai’i, but not expected to make it to the Islands.  There are a couple of disturbances off of Mexico and Central America that the NHC is probably going to start advisories on later today or tomorrow.  And south of Hawi’i there are three weak disturbances, but none have much of a chance to spin up.

In the West Pacific, Piepah dissipated south of Japan, although another storm may spin up east of the Philippines that may impact Japan in a couple of days.

Bottom line: unless you are in Bermuda, or the west coast of Mexico/El Salvador/Guatemala, nothing to worry about at the moment.

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