Tropical Depression #9 (was Potential TC #9, trying to be Humberto)

The center of circulation for the system keeps trying to reform north and east, which is good for The Bahamas, great for the US, and really bad for the forecast models statistics.  At 48 hours we would expect the track error to be under 100 miles; it’s pushing 300 right now on this storm … the latest National Hurricane Center track keeps the storm well offshore from the excitable denizens of Coastal Georgia and South Carolina.  Hopefully the worst of this will say northeast of the ravaged areas of The Bahamas.  Those in Central Florida should probably still keep an eye on it to make sure it turns as expected, given you are in a Tropical Storm Watch, but anything approaching tropical storm conditions are looking more unlikely.  If the storm intensifies as forecast, Bermuda may be at risk next week.  Here’s the swath of doom …

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