Global TC Review – Monday, 9 September 2019 (and Dorian wrapup)

We have five active systems and three potential (“invest” areas) that forecasters are tracking worldwide.  Most of the active systems have already hit land and are moving out either into open water or are no threat.  The only interesting active storm is in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Gabrielle.  The remnants will likely pass over Ireland and the (at the moment not very) United Kingdom as an extratropical system in about four days.  Here’s the Atlantic Infrared view this morning …

There is a system north of the Leeward Islands that I’ve heard some talk about.  It’s not in a favorable environment for becoming a storm, but in a few days, when closer to The Bahamas, conditions are a little more favorable.  NHC has it at a 20% chance of formation in the next 5 days.  It’s not likely to form a storm that will cause damage, but the rain will add to the misery and difficulty of recovery.

Over the weekend we had several landfalls, including a stronger than expected Dorian hitting eastern Canada. The primary impact seems to be widespread power outages (thousands are still out as of this morning), with lots of trees (and a construction crane) down.  Right on the coast high waves also caused significant damage (but nothing like the Bahamas of course).  Further south, the flooding in NC is going down but damage otherwise is relatively light (big picture wise – if it’s your house the tree fell on your perspective is of course different!).  Those who stayed on Ocrakoke Island in the Outer Banks got a scary lesson as to why you should evacuated from water.  Fortunately no one lost their life.  And of course the scale of the devastation in The Bahamas is becoming clearer.  The current official death toll in the 40’s is certainly going to continue to rise in the next week.

The Koreas were hit by Typhoon LingLing.  There was damage in the South along the western coast, and fatalities and potentially severe flooding and damage in the North, but given the closed nature of the PDRK, it’s hard to know the actual impacts. It likely hit major agricultural areas, and has the potential to worsen already severe food shortages there.  Typhoon Faxai hit the Tokyo area, causing some damage and extensive power outages.  So it’s been a busy week …

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