Dorian (still!) and Canada, Saturday 7 September 2019

After causing a lot of flooding along the North Carolina coast, Dorian is rapidly moving north of off the coast of New England early this morning, and is on track to make landfall again in Nova Scotia today.  Winds on the immediate shore will likely be right at minimum hurricane force, and just under hurricane force sustained winds around 100kph (65mph) inland.  The track takes the storm right over Halifax, with storm surge potentially in the 2 meter (6ft) range on the immediate coast due to wave setup.  Newfoundland will likely see somewhat less wind and surge on Sunday as the storm decays and loses all of its tropical characteristics.  Here’s the swath of impacts …

There’s other stuff going on with Gabrielle (maybe hitting Ireland!), LingLing making landfall in North Korea as I write this, Faxai headed to Japan.  Will try to post on those in a bit (lot of backed up work ignored over the last week for some reason!).

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