Dorian update Thursday Evening 5 September 2019

I could basically copypasta this morning’s post.  Dorian continues to skim the coast of SC/NC.  Those along the Outer Banks can expect about the same as those in SC have seen before them – rain, tropical storm force winds.  But the duration will be shorter as the storm accelerates towards the Maritime Provinces of Canada.  It may not technically be a hurricane when it gets to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, but the winds, waves, and storm surge will feel like it …

Those of you interested in contributing to relief efforts in The Bahamas may want to look here.  Thanks for any help you can offer …

One thought on “Dorian update Thursday Evening 5 September 2019

  1. THANK YOU very much for your bulletins and updates. It is refreshing to see the FACTS written about and interpreted without drama, tarting them up, or screaming of imminent doom. Watching the Weather Channel or “Scream team 3”; you would have given thought of your “last meal request” or when you should kiss your rear end goodbye. So while others were planning their exit, I simply read the facts and decided to ride it out in town with my relatives. Saved time, money, and did not have to worry about what city I might have to drive to/where to stay/if they accept a dog!

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