Tropics are (insert trite phrase here). Well, they are active. Summary for 30 August 2018.

It’s the peak of the Northern Hemisphere hurricane/typhoon season.  Here’s the big picture as of noon Eastern US Time (literally – this is a composite of multiple geosynchronous satellites; that’s why there is that black rectangle over the north pole, which isn’t visible from even 22,800 miles high …):

In the Atlantic, “Potential Tropical Cyclone Six,” as NHC is presently calling it, is an organizing tropical wave that has just exited the coast of Africa.  Here is what the GFS model thinks it is going to do, it will probably be called “Florence” by this evening, and is on the fast track to become a hurricane by this weekend.  Carry around a seltzer bottle and squirt the first person who talks about its chances of hitting the US; it’s on the other side of the ocean right now!

In the Pacific, Norman is a mature hurricane making waves off the coast of Mexico, headed west.  Not a threat to anything for at least a week, and probably not then either.

Miriam gave the folks in Hawai’i a bit of a nervous fit, given what just happened with Lane, but it is turning north and likely to die in cold water.

The main threat to land right now is Typhoon Jebi, which is headed towards Japan.  Japan has been hit with multiple very rainy tropical systems this year – last count I saw was over 300 dead from flooding, thousands homeless.  They really don’t need this, hopefully this forecast is off and it will turn offshore.



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