Hurricane Lane: waiting game for Hawaii

Here’s a sunrise visual band image of Lane – eye is no longer visible as it continues to weaken, now a Category 2, should continue to fall apart in the shear.

Although there is some risk Lane will hit O’ahu as a Category 1 hurricane tomorrow, it seems much more likely to turn at the last minute, and wind was not really the big risk from this storm, it was/is rain. There is serious flooding on the big island, the question now is how much will fall on the other islands.  Here’s the current (12:30pm ET/6:30am Hawai’i) radar composite.  Not the clear banding you think of from hurricanes, but that’s deceptive.  The storm isn’t moving very fast, so bad conditions should persist through Saturday.  Those cells can dump a huge amount of water as they are forced “upslope” by the terrain, causing massive runoff and flash floods.

Bottom line is that if you are near a stream or river, or a place that floods (or right on the shore), this is a serious, life threatening storm.  Otherwise, it’s probably still much more likely to be a power outage and pick-up-limbs-and-debris after it passes kind of storm.

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