Updates on Maria, Chris, Japan, Beryl, all kinds of stuff

Supertyphoon Maria passed north of Taiwan yesterday, and has now made landfall in China.  Here’s an image from this morning US time …

Taiwan seems to have escaped major damage by a northward wobble and weakening intensity.  Damage on Mainland China could be more extensive, on the order of billions of dollars, but there isn’t any reliable information as of yet.

Japan is still reeling from flooding over the last week.  BBC is reporting 179 killed, 70 still missing, 8.6 million people displaced. The landslides and other disruption from this event will continue to be felt for some time.

Elsewhere of interest, Hurricane Chris continues to speed up and will likely brush Newfoundland before it heads towards Iceland.  No major damage is expected – stuff up there is built to handle winter storms.  The remnants of Beryl are in the Bahamas, and NHC is watching them for possible regeneration into an organized storm this weekend coming up.  If it does it will most likely wander out into the Atlantic, nothing to get excited about yet.

Lots of neat science stuff going on here, hope to post about that soon!

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