Swirl-o-clouds Alberto makes landfall

It looks like Subtropical Storm Alberto has made “landfall” between Panama City and Pensacola after skimming the panhandle of Florida. Here’s the radar and 4:40pm Monday, note the flash flood warnings (pink) as well as some severe thunderstorm warnings up in Georgia near and north of Waycross:

Not much change to report other than the collapse of the rain over the rest of Florida.  Still some risk of brief tornadoes in stronger lines of thunderstorms (like up in Georgia), and flash flooding is the big potential risk.  As noted this morning, the likely physical damage from this storm is in the low hundreds of millions at the very worst – but the disruption to the holiday weekend will be felt by small businesses across Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.  Winds are “only” around 45mph in the storm cells, so that means branches down, maybe a stray tree or two, that sort of thing.  Another mass of wet air is lurking across Cuba and is likely to move north, and the entire southeast is covered by a very wet air mass, so more rain is likely across the region.  So if you are in a place where a couple inches of rain can cause flooding, beware!


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