Alberto Update

As of 11am today (Saturday 26 May) “Subtropical Storm” Alberto is still pretty disorganized. There is no real center, certainly the satellite presentation isn’t much, although there are indications of a center trying to form between Cuba and Yucatan. Here’s the current (11:00am) satellite view:

I think the main reason NHC is even tracking it is that it is a holiday weekend, and they want to make sure folks are paying attention in case it really spins up into a real storm.  Tropical Storm watches are now up for the west coast of Florida. Note the subtle shift in the forecast track, it may shift further east (towards Florida) later today. The main risk from the storm is heavy rains across Florida and the Southeast, which have been drenched over the last week from a moist tropical air mass.  There may also be coastal flooding, and rip currents across both Florida and the GA/SC coasts. Here is the latest NHC forecast map, with the damage swatch from my new Svarog/Perun hazard model:

Admin note: Sorry it took a while to post this, it is an experiment with a new integrated social media approach, which is a fancy way of saying I’m only posting on my blog, and it is echoing to Facebook and Twitter. The main reason is to try to reduce my work load during real time events.  Does it work? No so far, I’ve spent all Saturday morning working on it 😛

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