Philippines Mexico hurricane landfalls next two days

Typhoon Kalmaegi is making landfall in the northern Philippines today, and may have already caused a disaster by contributing to the sinking of a ferry.   Ferries in the PI are notorious for being overcrowded and poorly maintained, and the large waves and strong currents on the fringe of the storm probably didn’t help.  Here is the present position (Sunday Morning US time) and forecast track/intensity:

After the Philippines, the storm is expected to gain strength over the South China Sea, then make landfall in China.  If this track/intensity (from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center) holds up, my Istanu model is forecasting around $100 Million in impacts in the Philippines, and over $1 Billion in impacts in China, with additional impacts in Vietnam, where the decaying storm is likely to drop a lot of rain in the North.

On the other side of the Pacific, Hurricane Odile, a powerful 115 knot (132mph, 212 kph) storm, is forecast to strengthen and just skirt the coast of Baja California.  If this track and intensity holds it could cause considerable damage along the coast – over $600 Million on this track:

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