Nice overview of Bárðarbunga Volcano

The Icelandic Met Service (which monitors their volcanos) has a very nice overview of their volcanic systems here.

For a while yesterday it looked like Hurricane Cristobal would reach Iceland as an intact system, although it is veering south now.  If so we might have had a Hurricano, or Volicane.  Either way, I claim these two names, so if SyFy wants to do a cheesy movie, they got to talk to me first!  Interestingly, there is a (small) correlation between earthquakes and hurricanes (Hurriquakes – again, I claim this name).  The storm surge, pressure differences, and lubrication from rain infiltration can cause differential stresses on faults that sometimes trigger quakes.  It is thought by some that the great quake in Jamaica that destroyed the pirate haven of Port Royal might have been triggered by a bypassing storm.

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