Doomwatch 2014 Continues

After yesterday’s earthquakes in California and Peru, today is starting off quiet.  Tropical Storm Cristobal is moving out of the Bahamas and is forecast to move between North Carolina and Bermuda.  It’s hard to pick out of the system it is embedded in:

There is a weak tropical wave that is being tracked (AL97), but no signs of spinning up any time soon.  In the Pacific, the West (asian side) is creepy quiet.  On the East (Mexico) side, Maria is a very powerful hurricane, and the long-lived Karina, now a tropical storm, meanders in the outflow.  Here’s the big picture:

There continues to be a cluster of moderate earthquakes on the Iran/Iraq border, here shown with some Iranian nuclear development sites shown:

As a reminder, our R&D system updates the status of tropical cyclones (hurricanes, typhoons, etc), earthquakes, and volcanoes hourly here.

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