WP08 spinning up; Fukushima watch

While folks in the US are obsessed with Arthur, a storm is spinning up in the Pacific that may be “interesting” to watch over the next week. WP08 (remember how the codes work?) is spinning up south of Guam, and should mature into a Typhoon over the next few days:

What is potentially a bad thing about this storm (aside from damage, which could easily be in the tens of millions on this track) is if we look at the long range track forecast:

See that big red dot by the GFS forecast track (blue line)?  That is the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.  Or, rather, what’s left of it after the tsunami.  My big concern with the site hasn’t been another earthquake (although that is certainly possible), it is the much more likely scenario of a Typhoon sweeping through and making the existing mess much worse. It is doubtful the hundreds of hastily constructed storage tanks containing contaminated water would hold up to a serious storm – and the rain would wash even more of the contamination already permeating the site into the sea (which is a mixed deal – at least it would dilute it some, if there is not a massive loss of tank integrity).  How bad is the problem?  Take a look at this image from March; that’s a bunch of tanks . .  .

I suspect the other Fukushima shoe hasn’t dropped yet.  There has been some pretty apocalyptical stuff floating around the intertubes about Fukushima.  Most is overblown, pretty ridiculous nonsense.  But this is a serious situation, and a massive spill would have regional implications.

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